Mercedes-Benz is a proud sponsor of Design Indaba Festival 2018.

Design creates something out of the ordinary contributing to the brand and shaping the future. Good design has to be both beautiful and intelligent. Today, the designers at Mercedes-Benz reconcile tradition and modernity in designing the cars of the future.

As a pioneer of the motor industry, we seek innovation which provide for pleasant, safe and resource-friendly mobility, day-in, day-out. Mobility will change fundamentally in the future and our vehicles are becoming increasingly connected, electric and autonomous.

"Generation EQ" is the forerunner of Mercedes-Benz's new product brand for electric mobility, EQ. The name EQ stands for "Electric Intelligence" and is derived from the Mercedes-Benz brand values of "Emotion and Intelligence".

Mercedes-Benz South Africa is proud to partner with Design Indaba and aims to create the design idiom for the automotive future.