The theme running currently through our Maymott minds has been inspiration from the coral reefs, seeds and pods, nature at its most extreme

Maymott was started by Danny and Kate life -long friends with a desperate need to “make stuff”. This “stuff” had to be able to keep our hands busy, not be dirty (too much of that in our other lives) and was going to allow us to be completely adventurous without hurting our space, family or friends. We wanted to make a positive difference in other people’s lives too, maybe people we don’t have to teach by bringing back some old skills. AND most of all to have FUN

We both realized that the “throw-away” society of this day and age is changing, with economic collapses and people being pushed to the brink with expenses, most people are asking the age old question “how long will items last and they need to have life time guarantees “We wanted to make Beautiful Keepsakes, Items that would last generations and add fun and functionality to a space.

CROCHET was of course the logical option.

Maymott is making use of women who have the old fashioned skill of crochet (over 65yrs old) are at home babysitting grandchildren, can copy our whacky wonderful marvellous designs at the same time as teaching their children the craft and are once again family breadwinners, at the ripe old age of reawakening.