Mapitso Thaisi

Mapitso Thaisi is a young fashion designer with a background in occupational therapy.

Mapitso Thaisi is a budding fashion and accessory designer with an unconventional career history. She studied Human Rights Law at the University of Cape Town before moving into the world of occupational therapy. Now, she’s stepping into the fashion world with her Shweshwekini range, a unique collection of swimsuits and active wear for women.

Merging contemporary style with traditional textiles, Shweshwekini is Thaisi’s most ambitious project to date. She hopes to continue weaving historic African culture into elegant garments, yet is currently focusing on the business side of her fashion enterprise.

She chronicles her life and work movements on her blog, “Sotho Girl Diaries”. According to Thaisi, “A great artist and designer is one who shows up for their dreams, even if they are scary.