Manic Molecule

Music videos, concert visuals, logos and illustrations that turn brands into visual spectacles.

Manic Molecule is a design studio founded by Danny Stirn in 2016. While studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven, he rediscovered his passion for the moving image. The studio focusses on the construction of images and visual storytelling. Music videos, concert visuals, logo idents, promo ads or illustrations for cover designs, merchandise, etc. With Manic Molecule, Stirn aims to transform brands into visual spectacles. The studio's style is edgy, twisted and dramatic. Normal is not an option. Some of the studio's inspirations are street & pop culture, subcultures, music, and sci-fi movies. Currently, the main target group is the music industry, but he is eager to explore more areas to find other collaborations. His clients are authentic people with a confident vision. Projects include a music video for the UK-based Darkwave band, Massive Ego for whom he animated a music video to the song 'Let Go' (written by Boy George).