Luvo Mahangu

Luvo Mahangu is a fashion designer and musician.

Luvo Mahangu is a fashion designer and musician, currently completing his Diploma at the Design Academy of Fashion (DAF in Woodstock, Cape Town.) 

His brainchild is Highly Unlikely. Highly Unlikely is a contemporary fashion brand that aims to find the midpoint between two main market segments: high-end fashion and streetwear. This is achieved by marrying the innovation in design work of high-end fashion with the minimalism and comfort of streetwear.

The design work is an experimentation with silhouettes and prints, intricate detailing on the garments, and high quality of fabrics being used. All this is achieved while retaining the forms of wearable, everyday clothing.

In the long run, he hopes to turn Highly Unlikely into a multi-dimensional arts company that not only encompasses fashion but also music and events.

Mahangu's foray into fashion has been a turbulent yet satisfying experience for the young artist. He's always had a deep love for fashion and attended two other fashion schools before finally settling at DAF, which is where he has been able to really hone in his craft and find his design identity.

The first real exposure to the fashion industry that he received was having one of his garments modelled down the runway at SA Menswear Week in 2018 as part of One.I.Am's show.