Lené Swartz

Lené Swartz is a young fashion design student from Cape Town, South Africa

Lene Swartz is a dedicated jewellery design student from Cape Town. She developed her passion for design in high school and initially studied Industrial Design. However, after being exposed to various design disciplines, she fell in love with jewellery design and thus enrolled in the Jewellery Design and Manufacture program at the Cape Peninsular University of Technology.

According to the young designer, she lives, sleeps and breathes jewellery and when she's not creating on her work bench, she is reading about techniques or gathering inspiration for more pieces. 

Hardworking and dedicated, the young designer is currently experimenting with vitreous enamel jewellery. Her collection varies from high end pieces to ones that are a little more affordable for the younger buyer. Swartz is extremely proud and excited about developing the use of vitreous enamel in jewellery for the contemporary client. The collection features bold, geometric shapes enamelled in vibrant colours. Lit up by the sun, the enamel also casts a reflection on the wearer, making the wearer part of the piece, which is one of the alluring aspects about enamel for the young designer. 

For Swartz what makes a great artist is one with confidence. Having confidence and faith in oneself and the work that you produce will automatically attract and convince consumers of your product.