Kiara Gounder

Kiara Gounder is a Durban-based fashion designer and part of the 2015 Emerging Creatives programme.
Kiara Gounder
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Fashion Designer South Africa / Durban

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Kiara Gounder has a degree in fashion from the Durban University of Technology. Inspired by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen’s fall couture collection featuring 3D printing, Gounder has been exploring 3D printing and developing a capsule range of garments that showcases the potential of 3D printing in fashion. 

Gounder’s fashion range, Digital Nature, uses 3D printing to explore the concept of symmetry in nature. The silhouette and design of each piece combines the various organic and structured elements that can be found in a natural environment.

Gounder turned to microscopic images of fossils, plant cells and insect cells for inspiration for the detailed patterning and line work. The 3D printed elements are complemented by the monochromatic structured garments with smooth, clean style lines.