Keshia Smith

Keshia Smith is a fashion designer from Cape Town, South Africa.

Keshia Smith comes from a family of creatives so, naturally she followed the path layed down before her. In 2015 she moved to Cape Town to pursue her creative goals and in 2019 she will be graduating with a Diploma in Fashion Design from the Design Academy of Fashion and has previously obtained a Higher Certificate from Inscape Education Group in Design Techniques.

Smith describes herself as personally drawn to psychological or conceptual ideas that underline function and artistic freedom because as she designs with emotional intent to better understand and take pride in the world that she lives in.

Her work focuses on both women and menswear and she often combines the two, both in her personal life and body of work, as she designs and dresses according to the philosphy of "If you feel good in it, you should wear it." 

Her most successful project to date is her  graduate collection. The collection embodies complex emotions and topics in hopes to further understand human culture and what it means to be human, unfiltered from social normalities.