Kayla Shaban

Kayla Shaban is a 22 year old Industrial product designer who is getting ready to take over the design and business world.

Kayla Shaban is a goal-getting 22 year-old Industrial product designer. She furthered her education at Ruth Prowse School of Art, where she completed a graphic design course in 2017.

Shaban who is currently based in Cape Town built a following off her successful design of the enamel lapel pin.

Inspired by female artists, she created the brand, Kayla Rain co which represents her quirky and charming style. The brand has displayed different innovative designs, from cushion covers to bags. Kayla hopes to gain exposure in the coming years, and is hoping to broaden her business sense and knowledge.

The ability to stay true to yourself, according to Shaban, Is what makes a great artist/designer.