Kaya Siqongile Gwebu

Kaya Siqongile Gwebu is an illustrator and graphic designer.

Kaya Siqongile Gwebu is an accounting student from the University of Johannesburg with a deep love for art and creativity. Primarily his aim was to provide art as a form of healing, an escape for his audience. He longed to present something with a relevant message to people of all backgrounds.

He describes his art style as semi-realistic with a palatable dose of surrealism, which is achieved by using elements that don’t necessarily relate to one another in order to create something visually pleasing. Gwebu is a strong believer of using an Afrocentric approach when creating art and raising more awareness of the African aesthetic.

His most successful project to date is his ‘M67ndela’ drawing, which he created for Mandela day. The concept took thirty seconds to conceive and a period of about two months to execute. The M67ndela drawing was made up of 13 500 handwritten 67’s, each number neatly placed next to the other and forming one whole image. Upon close inspection, one can see individual numbers, but from a distance, one can actually see a face.

Gwebu tries, by all means, to refrain from interpreting his art, he would rather have the viewer come up with their own meaning. The message he hopes to communicate with his artwork is that of unity, but not just any form of unity, unity in doing good, in achieving social justice for all.