Karen Welman

Entrepreneur, designer and inventor Karen Welman is passionate about the power of ideas, and uses design as a means to answer genuine human needs and desires.

In 2004, Welman developed and launched the brand 37 degrees, a clothing line for babies that uses NASA-developed material to regulate body temperature. This award-winning brand has picked up a host of prizes, including the Kind & Jugend Innovation Award 2007, the Good Design Award in Japan and double gold in the Best Inventors Awards. In 2005, using the same material, she launched Dick Moby's — a range of men's underwear designed to keep the crown jewels cool.

It was motherhood that awakened Welman's inventive spark. Her earlier patented inventions include the WellBaby car seat, which converts into a stroller, and the WellBaby cot, which adjusts to extend from the parents' bed.

Throughout this time, in fact since 1991, Welman has been creative partner of Pearlfisher, an award-winning and transatlantic design company. Pearlfisher has won the coveted Design Effectiveness Award twice and is rated as one of Marketing Week's top five agencies. Before Pearlfisher, Welman worked at Michael Peters and Partners and spent three years in New York setting up the company's American office.

Welman still insists on pushing all the boundaries. Her mischievous and generous spirit make her a formidable presence both at work and play. In 2006 she was voted one of the Top 10 Global Female Inventors in an award ceremony in Singapore.