Kaja Solgaard Dahl

Kaja Solgaard Dahl is a product and furniture designer working with a wide range of products and materials that are all inspired by our senses and nature.

With a special interest in tactility and scent, Kaja Dahl specialises in scented objects and perfumery. As a graduate from ECAL and the Master in Design for luxury and craftsmanship, Dahl's work is rooted in art and cultivation in balance with nature.

In 2016, Dahl was one of Wallpaper's Global Graduates, winner of the Norwegian young talent award for her perfume project and the Newcomer of the year for Materia Sweden with her Wall furniture, Lean-In.

After seven years divided between Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland, Dahl is currently based in Oslo, Norway. Her ambition is to work globally. She is currently working between Oslo and Cape Town, and her latest collaboration was presented at Design Indaba Conference 2017.