Joshua Grierson

Capetonian singer-songwriter and guitarist Joshua Grierson is a blues and folk-rock artist. He's warming up Design Indaba Music Circuit at Zula on 28 Feb.

“Pulling off a combo of folk, blues, rock and pop in one gig is tough enough - Joshua Grierson does it single-handedly. The Capetonian singer-songwriter plays solo and is blowing audiences away with his emotionally-charged and mesmerising performances…” - The Big Issue (SA)

“Joshua Grierson is our answer to Bruce Springsteen! He is a dynamic and soulful performer and one of the most underrated country/blues songwriters in South Africa. Keep an eye on this talent!” - Inge Beckman; Lead singer of Lark, singer-songwriter and actress

“Joshua is the most electrifying live performer in Cape Town, possibly South Africa. Do your self a favour and get into this guy's music!” - Matthew Gair; Singer-Songwriter & Composer

“Passion, humour, possession, artistry, (mad) dance, rhythm, holding a crowd in his hand, incredible guitarist, pipes like a cathedral organ. That’s Joshua Grierson and more.” - Matthew Roux; Singer-Songwriter

“South African born singer songwriter possesses more heart and depth than most sharing his craft. Grierson’s music is pure, honest, catchy and more real than people can handle sometimes. If you’re ready to face your demons and open your hearts, then this is the guy to pay attention to.” – Mike Borgia; Professional musician and music media consultant

"Whether you know it or not, and whether you believe it or not, Grierson is a rare and genuine talent.” - Jon Savage; 5FM DJ & Professional musician