John Bauer

John Bauer pushes the limits of what is technically possible in ceramics.

A sentimentalist, he salvages antique crochet cloth, linens and lace and makes these materials immortal by recreating them, stitch by stitch, in porcelain. He is able to enlarge them to gigantic proportions or offers them in an extreme diminutive form. There is always a surprise factor in his work. It is full of light and translucency. Love is a central theme in Bauer's work. He sometimes uses the inspiration of netsuke, old coins, flowers, found objects and dolls to embellish his work. His signature bowls carry his artwork of mythical creatures and angels whispering words of wisdom and love. Bauer will be exhibiting his latest laminated porcelain dinner services. Consisting of hundreds of layers of coloured porcelain, the surfaces of these plates perfectly replicate the delicate doilies and rare coins he loves so much.