Johanna Jelinek

Johanna Jelinek designs products for function, honesty and longevity.

Johanna Jelinek is a Swedish designer driven by function and aesthetics in combination and looks for deeper meaning and a clear context in design. Function, smartness, honesty and daring are her keywords.

Her interest stems from how we use products and how to improve upon them. She is particularly intrigued when there is a deeper meaning and a clear context for a single product or a whole series. Sustainability is always very close to her heart, and she loves inspiring people around the world to live more sustainable lives.

Jelinek doesn't restrict in the way she works – from hand sketching, 3D scale modelling, sewing, folding paper, crocheting, SolidWorks 3D computing, plastic printing, carving, clay forming, etc.

She has been designing product for IKEA since 2002 and was a part of the ÖVERALLT collection, which saw the Swedish brand collaborate with a range of diverse African designers to realise the range.