Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers

JAKUPA is an architecture and urban design practice creating a rich urban environment through creative engagement in our contemporary urban milieu.

Our vision is rooted in humanistic values and in finding appropriate roles for architecture and urbanism. We are driven by a dynamic, academic and practical team with diverse skills that is used to drive our philosophy of research through design practice. We engage in work that ranges from addressing social and ecological issues to responsibly building in today’s market economy.

JAKUPA was born through the energy of the revitalized political context within which we work. We believe that the act of city making is a political exercise and acknowledge the responsibility we share in making equitable, productive and sustainable space. The company philosophy unambiguously entrenches their ideals simultaneously through conscientious design and corporate policy. We are therefore proud to acknowledge our 100% HDI status and our ideals to sincere and radical transformation.