Imraan Ho-Yee

After he began his career at Louis Karol, within seven years Imraan Ho-Yee became associate, and then partner.

Although Imraan Ho-Yee's parents are both South African, they were forced to leave the country in the 1960s, their union being forbidden under the Mixed Marriages Act (his father is Chinese, his mother white). Thus Ho-Yee was born in London in 1968, returning to South Africa with his mother when he was 14.

He completed high school in Kimberley, after which he moved to Cape Town, beginning his B.Arch degree at the University of Cape Town in 1987. During his university vacations he worked in both South Africa and London (where he completed his fourth year of practical). After graduation he began his career at Louis Karol, and during his seven years with the company became associate, and then partner. He then moved back to London in 2000, becoming an Associate at SOM. The following year, he moved back to Cape Town as third partner in Vivid Architects.

Ho-Yee's special areas of interest include concept and sketch design, as well as design development and commercial work (hotels, corporate offices, retail and interiors). He has experience as principal designer on a number of major projects around South Africa, including the Design Quarter in Johannesburg, which opened in November 2005.