Hermann Zapf

Hermann Zapf is a German typeface designer, book designer, teacher and calligrapher based in Darmstadt, Germany.

Hermann Zapf is a doyen of type design and one of the few world-respected typographers who has distinguished himself in the hot metal, film setting and digital type design environments. He is also a calligrapher, book designer and teacher, and has written many important articles about modern technical developments in the art of composition and printing. Typographic computer programmes formed part of his teaching at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Zapf is the creator of such typefaces as Palatino Antiqua, Melior, Linotype Aldus, Optima, Zapf Chancery, and Zapf Antiqua. He has won many awards in Europe and the US and has been granted honorary membership of some of the world’s most prestigious printing, graphic arts and allied societies. A new alphabet from his hands continues to be an event of international importance.