Helen Isibor-Epega

Helen Isibor-Epega, otherwise The Venus Bushfires, is a Nigerian-born, London-raised composer, singer-songwriter and performance artist.

The Venus Bushfires (Helen Isibor-Epega) is a Nigerian born London raised composer, singer-songwriter and performance artist. The Venus Bushfires is a collective of which she is the only constant member. In 2008 she founded the Just A Day initiative, which designs and facilitates world-class expressive arts workshops globally.

Her musical and expressive arts career includes performing with Sir Paul McCartney and Miley Cyrus and work with Christian Dior, Sony PlayStation, Disney, Saatchi Gallery (London), London Fashion Week, Victoria and Albert Museum, Oxford University, BBC World Service, HRH The Prince of Wales, World Health Organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières, Oxfam and UNICEF. Her performances and workshops span the globe, from Benin City to Brazil.

Through the JAD initiative Helen uses music, art, drama, dance, poetry and storytelling to engage, educate, entertain, share ideas and train in a dynamic way. JAD partners with organisations in the private, public and third sectors and works to promote and explore wellbeing, emotional expression/intelligence, team building, communication skills, leadership and conflict resolution in the workplace and communities alike. 

Helen wrote and composed the world’s first pidgin opera Song Queen: A Pidgin Opera, which debuted at The Place Theatre in London in July 2015. Her music explores the ethereal sounds of the hang (rare instrument), the power of the talking drum and the quirks of children's toys cross-fertilising multiple visual and musical styles. Her compositions harness influences from avant-garde, psychedelic, tribal and meditative arts and draws inspiration from musical pioneers such as Fela Kuti and Kate Bush, creating music and stories that explore the sensual and the spiritual. She describes her ambient and eclectic sound as Cinematic Afro-folk.