Hanna Dalrot

Hannah Dalrot wants to create products that clearly demonstrate its handicraft

Using her hands is a way for designer Hanna Dalrot to create balance in her designs. She enjoys the challenge of making beautiful design in the context of mass production, a core part of her job at as a designer at IKEA. For her, working at IKEA means an opportunity to influence the everyday life of people.

With a focus on fabric design, her process includes drawing by hand, prototyping in the workshop and working in computer programmes. All the steps make sense at different stages of the process. She presents her work as sketches and sometimes as a full-scale model.

She believes the industry needs to change its approach to materials and be open to more sustainable materials, which can be achieved by mixing creative, technical and business skills.

Dalrot is a part of the IKEA design team and worked on the ÖVERALLT collection, which saw the Swedish brand collaborate with a range of diverse African designers to realise the range.