Embracing craftsmanship, artistry and good design to give consumers a more interesting and original choice.

Design Indaba is one of the world’s most important annual design events, celebrating cutting-edge artistry and outstanding creativity. Not only do we find synergy in celebrating minds that challenge the ordinary, but in our approach to brewing, we’ve always held the notions of craftsmanship and artistry in the utmost esteem. This is why, for Grolsch, sponsoring Design Indaba has always made perfect sense. 

You see, Grolsch knows a little bit about good design and creativity too. If it wasn’t for his big idea, brew master, Peter Cuyper, wouldn’t have added a second hop to the Grolsch recipe, creating the bold, balanced taste that has remained a worldwide favourite for almost 400 years. It’s also because of our respect for good design that the iconic Grolsch Swingtop bottle has remained unchanged for nearly 100 years. In the twenty-first century our mission remains the same as it did in 1615 – we continue to bring character to the world of beer, seeking to offer drinkers in over 70 countries across the globe a more interesting and original choice.

Grolsch is proud to support Design Indaba, and we encourage visitors to "take home the best of South African creativity" because, as we know, good design can last more than a lifetime.