Fine Ounce Goldsmith Collective

Fine Ounce Goldsmith Collective strives to elevate the status of individually handcrafted pieces over mass-produced goods.

Fine Ounce Goldsmith Collective aims to create awareness about contemporary art jewellery through annual exhibitions. The group consists of eight independent goldsmiths, based in the Cape Town area and in Windhoek, Namibia: Adeline Joubert, Angela Tölken, Maike Valcarcel, Meagan Meredith, Adi Cloete, Giselle Petty, Jane McIlleron and Frieda Lühl. Exploring specific design themes results in a collection of work that reflects the individual ideas and styles of these artists, as well as a variety of jewellery making techniques. Precious metals are combined with gemstones, enamel, resin and a variety of other components.