Doremy Diatta

Doremy Diatta uses transdisciplinary design in the practice of mental health and learning.

Doremy Diatta is a consultant and transdiciplinary designer with a focus on healthcare and education.

She studied both interior and product design at Syracuse University in New York and holds a MFA in transdisciplinary design from The New School in New York City. Her professional practice is based on the thinking that a successful practice of mental health and learning requires an investigation of environmental factors.

Diatta derives her fusion of disciplines from her tri-lingual, tri-cultural upbringing where she felt spoken language was an ends rather than a means to communicate. This issue with spoken communication meant that Diatta felt that physical, material and visual parts of the world felt most natural and true. So, she began using the spaces around her as sense-making and communication tools.

Her current work involves material communications: a strategy applied in family therapy that expands the understanding of the cognitive world for designers and reveals the value of the material world for cognitive scientists.