Domus. Empowering inspirational thinkers. Since 1928.

Domus magazine was founded in 1928 by Gio Ponti. In 1929, he was joined by Gianni Mazzocchi, who created the publishing house Editoriale Domus specifically to issue the magazine. Mazzocchi handed over the reins to his daughter Maria Giovanna, the current publisher of Domus and the president of Editoriale Domus, in 1976.

Ever since, the magazine has adhered to an important strategy that has guaranteed its vitality, authority and longevity: the terms of the editors-in-chief were shortened to a few years each, with the precise aim of ensuring a constantly fresh approach to contemporaneity.

And so, Domus went from being the magazine of one designer to being the magazine of many designers. After Ponti, the prestigious roster of architects who have guided the monthly has grown to include Massimo Bontempelli, Giuseppe Pagano, Melchiorre Bega, Ernesto Nathan Rogers, Alessandro Mendini, Lisa Ponti, Mario Bellini, Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, François Burkhardt, Deyan Sudjic, Stefano Boeri, Flavio Albanese, Joseph Grima, Nicola Di Battista and Michele De Lucchi.

At the venerable age of 90, the magazine and its website continue to look to the future and diffuse the competency of the brightest minds. Domus is entirely bilingual Italian–English and sold in 89 countries, in addition to being published as a local edition in China, India, Sri Lanka, Germany+ Switzerland+ Austria and Central America.