Dane Fair

Dane Edward Fair is a furniture designer.

Dane Edward Fair, a young graduate from the University of Stellenbosch Business School, always found himself drawn to modern, minimal designs and this attraction comes through very clearly in his designs and creations.

Fair discovered his interest and passion for working with his hands in high school. Preferring to work with wood, his love for the creative process grew out of making and fixing tidbits around his home. Since then his skills have developed and he now creates incredible furniture pieces.

So far the range of his items is limited to tables, from bedside to coffee tables. He is also exploring the possibility of incorporating polished metal pieces into his work. He recently launched his own brand of furniture designs called Aisling. 

His most successful and ambitious design is a coffee table inspired by the idea of optical illusion. It consists of multiple pieces of wood, each one at a different angle to the one next to it, making a spiral effect, with a glass top.