Dai Fujiwara

Dai Fujiwara is the former Creative Director of Miyake Design Studio, the Japanese high-end producer of women's fashion.

Dai Fujiwara joined the Miyake Design Studio in 1994 upon graduating from the Dyeing and Weaving Course at Tama Art University. After working as a member of the Issey Miyake Collection design staff, he launched the A-POC project with Issey Miyake in 1998. This won the Good Design Award in 2000 and the Mainichi Design Award in 2003. Fujiwara was appointed creative director of Issey Miyake in October 2006.

Currently, the fashion design thinking that Fujiwara fostered in the A-POC project continues to evolve in the A-POC INSIDE series, which he is creating under the Issey Miyake brand name.

Recently, for the AW 2009 Collection, Fujiwara went on a journey to the South American jungle to collect real colours from nature, calling it Color Hunting. Selected colours were dyed and woven into fabrics, which finally became collection pieces. This was a creative adventure resulting in a new definition of the design and production process.

A designer of exceptional vitality, Fujiwara is expanding from fashion into wide-ranging international genres, while avidly participating in workshops and lectures in Japan and abroad.