Crispian Plunkett

Crispain Plunkett was a South African photographer who sadly passed away in 2009.

Crispian Plunkett started off studying at the Art, Ballet, Drama and Music School in Johannesburg. Deciding that he hadn't quite found his creative niche, he went on to study photography at Durban Institute of Technology and achieved a National Diploma. It was only then that he knew he had found the medium where he could best express his creative impulses.

He moved to Durban for a short stint during which time he assisted on shoots for a year. Not yet feeling settled he moved back to Johannesburg where he spent a further five years assisting both local and international photographers. Never one to be idle, he spent any free time that he had designing and making his own jewellery, made from industrial cogs and non-ferrous metals from scrap yard throwaways.

Crispian's "big break" came in 1997 when did a fashion editorial shoot for True Love magazine. That was the start of many things for Plunkett. Demand for his work was increasing and during this time of rising popularity, he moved to Cape Town in 1999.

Crispian has now shot for almost every advertising agency in the country and has done work for major brands including Metro FM, Smirnoff, Diners Club, Cell C and J&B. Some of his high-profile retail fashion clients also include Levis, YDE and the Foschini Group. His work, however, is not only limited to South African clientele, as he done international jobs for Coco der Mer, Alcott, Dido, Levis International and Adidas Worldwide.

Crispian Plunkett passed away in 2009.