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Chivas Regal is a proud supplier of Design Indaba.
Chivas Regal
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Chivas Regal believes in the power of an idea, and its ability to change the world.  We encourage big thinking to find solutions and help communities. We support social entrepreneurs that want to win, the right way. Chivas Regal stands for success that is not measured is wealth alone, but in lives affected. We believe that true success is a shared success that enables change for the better.

Achieving this is more than possible in South Africa where problems can be solved with solutions that are born from the unique inspiration that this ever-changing country offers.

Design Indaba is a playground of thought where brilliant ideas are shared, discussed, showcased and sometimes made. It’s where we celebrate our shared successes. By partnering with this festival of creativity, Chivas Regal can take another step in supporting big ideas, and help make them happen.