Chaz Maviyane-Davies

Chaz Maviyane-Davies' graphic design work pushes the boundaries of social justice, which he had grappled with well into his adulthood.

“I caused a lot of problems for my teachers. Everyone said I gave her such grief because of my work,” says Maviyane-Davies. In 1982, after years of travel, he returned to Zimbabwe and worked at an ad agency for about six months before founding his own design agency, The Maviyane-Project. His home country, still in the raptures of its recent independence, clung to many of the same problems as before. “The ad agencies remained white-run,” recalls Maviyane-Davies. “The clientele may have changed, but, either out of laziness or purposely, they just substituted white faces with black faces, the eight letters of Rhodesia for the eight letters of Zimbabwe. The way of life was the same. Some discrimination goes away and that says a lot. But the poor were still poor. One of my jobs as an agitator was to say: Things have to change for our betterment.” Graphic design allows Maviyane to do that to this day. "Over the years I have tried to use images and ideas to cut through complacency and apathy while trying to raise consciousness about an array of social issues from discrimination and human rights, to health and the environment."