Chantell Lungiswa Joe

Cape Town-based Chantell Lungiswa Joe is a fashion designer with a clothing and lifestyle brand, TryAnglez, and a 2015 Emerging Creative.
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Fashion Designer South Africa / Cape Town

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Joe has completed a Diploma in Clothing Management and a BTech in Public Relations at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, as well as a professional photography course at City Varsity. She is interested in combining art, design, fashion, philosophy and heritage, which is what she has done with her clothing line and lifestyle brand, TryAnglez.

TryAnglez designs and makes baseball jackets, sweaters and T-shirts using carefully selected shwe-shwe fabric and other African fabrics, which are then mixed with modern ones, including denim and leather. The pieces combine traditional African fabrics with modern designs, with the intention of bringing cultures together and exploring their potential through creativity and innovation.

*Chantelle is part of the Emerging Creatives Mentorship Programme