Carolyn Parton

A Capetonian designer and artist who sees every aspect of life as an opportunity to create.
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Carolyn Parton is a founding partner of Hippocampus, a design studio in The Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town, and has a degree in Fine Art as well as one in Design. Straddling design, art and the running of her own business with her husband, Guy, she finds a common thread in approaching every aspect of her day – even the administrative ones – with a desire to create something positive.

She has a passion for the creative growth of the people in her team. A sensitivity for the environment is channelled into her work through remnants of art making. In her Paint Collection Project, she collects spent paint from housepainters and artists for use in her stacked landscapes and paint tube cloths. She also uses outdated art books. 

Having worked in the design industry in Cape Town and London, a highlight of her career was working closely with Albie Sachs to design the logo for the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Her first international solo exhibition, The Remembering Land, was held in London in 2015.