Paul van der Spuy designs beautifully tailored clothing for men and women for bluecollarwhitecollar.

Trendsetter Paul van der Spuy, winner of multiple fashion awards and the creator of the legendary Frank B. Ernest and Wylde Oscar clothing stores, is the designer behind the bluecollarwhitecollar label, purveyors of men's and women's beautifully tailored shirts and clothing. bluecollarwhitecollar, as with all Van der Spuy's previous brands, stands alone in design and innovation, with shirts constructed with unique and subtle details that typically set the product apart.

"fashion is expensive, style is free" - Paul van der Spuy

bluecollarwhitecollar also offer a range of T-shirts and men’s retro shorts. bluecollarwhitecollar has less to do with fashion and trends and more to do with individual expression of what Van der Spuy feels as he looks to the past at beautifully constructed items and applies that inspiration to today’s modern looks.

bluecollarwhitecollar has appeared in the New York Times, GQ, Mr.Porter UK, Lonely Planet, House and Leisure, and Top Billing and were voted the best store in Johannesburg by the readers of House and Leisure magazine.