Areyugett Ahnidmuni is a South African Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and Electronic musician.

Areyugett Ahnidmuni, aka Yutukus Tuya or Deedoc The Emcee, was born Siya Mgoduka in Port Elizabeth. After first listening to the sounds of Heavy D at the age of four, he was struck by music and its possibilities; at ten he started to rap, and a decade later  bought a set of turntables to take up DJ-ing. Areyugett!'s sound ranges from Hip Hop to Soul, Funk, Electronic and Brazilian drum beats, with a resounding influence from the likes of Madlib, DJ Spinna, Pete Rock, Top Shayela and J Dilla, fusing all of these sounds in a single set as one half of a collective called Selective Hearing. He is currently working on an EP with a Belgian DJ and rapper 72 Soul in preparation for their Belgian tour in June 2014. Outside of the music, he dabbles in Film and TV production, and assists famed local visual artist Mohau Modisakeng, coordinating and overseeing his studio represented by Brundyn and Gonsalves Art Gallery.