Amy Ayanda

Cape Town artist Amy Ayanda works across a range of media and draws her inspiration and passion from her environment and the people who surround her.

A recent graduate of Michaelis School of Fine Art, she works predominantly in paint and other mixed media but has begun exploring her musical identity as well.

After two years of casual collaboration and a lifetime of friendship, Ayanda and Thor Rixon have developed an organic process of music writing based on intuition and experimentation. Rixon’s idiosyncratic, otherworldly compositions are the backdrop for Ayanda’s impassioned melodies and mythical allegories, resulting in music that hovers somewhere between quirky and heartbreaking.

Their first publically released track, “La Llorna”, was positively received. Her performance at Design Indaba 2015 is the first live performance of all the tracks that she has written over the last few years.

Ayanda’s ultimate goal is to connect her art and music in a way that is functional, cohesive and inspiring to others. She is currently working on a small body of paintings and songs to be released before she departs to Germany, where she plans to continue working on her art.