Soccer in Soweto

A new soccer training centre in Soweto hopes to build on the World Cup legacy and promote the development of the game among the youth.

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For many South Africans, 2010 will probably always be remembered as the year of the World Cup. One of the legacies is a football training centre built by Nike in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Designed by Canadian firm Rufproject, the centre has a playing facility that can accommodate Soweto’s 200 000 young soccer players. The centre also houses an education centre to help the fight against HIV/Aids.

The wood strip cladding serves as sun protection to the interior while also working as an interesting design element. The change rooms inside the centre are designed around themes representing popular soccer teams. There’s also a meeting space, gym and first-aid facilities.

The hope is that the centre will help to develop soccer in Soweto, while also building on the World Cup legacy.